How old is the average vita poster?

#51steevo_669Posted 1/22/2013 4:23:45 PM
i don't post that much, but i'm 25
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Im 19, somedays I post a lot, sometimes Im not here, I also own a 3ds.
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flame030191 posted...
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35. Live with my mother.


Don't laugh, we've all been there ;)

I lived with my parents until I was 18, got a job, went to college, moved out, haven't been back since. I'm now 32 in my own house.
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"The Vita sold six times more than the 3DS so far" - n0matter
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Sailor Goon posted...

Here's the source for your hilarious "70% drop in sales" comment...lulz! I think you owe n0matter an apology little man...ahhhhh hahaha!
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Only 18.
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5 + 3 to the 2nd power, minus 43
I am 21
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I am 31 years old. I have kids.
I sell Insurance. I have to shave often.
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Average age? Who and what is an average poster? Did you mean trolls?
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