Official "explanation" as to the absence of a Vita version of RE:R

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Shadowfxd2 posted...
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I don't care, why should I? I already have a console that can play it.

getting another system isen't as simple as you made it out to be, you don't know what go's on in other peoples live to be able to make that distinction.

Then just suck it up like a man if you can't play it instead of behaving like little kids.

I thought the general Vita fan motto is "everyone's too poor to own a Vita," yet the Vita fans cannot afford another console to play games on? Weird! Before you guys go "we are all one hivemind blah blah" None of you stop the Vita fans from saying the "yous poor if you don't own a Vita" so you're just as guilty by not speaking up!

Lmao. So the hive is also responsible for apparently never speaking up. You'd be a great politician!
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I also want to play it on my Vita. Anyway, it looks like I'll get it for the PC.
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melbye80 posted...
Face it, it is because Vita is a failure

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It's not a big deal since all PS Vita owners own a PS3.

I don't.
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LuminescentRule posted...
It's not a big deal since all PS Vita owners own a PS3.

As numerous others in this topic have stated I don't own a PS3 either. I plan on purchasing one eventually, probably after the Orbis is officially unveiled.
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Remember guys, sales dont mean anything according to some of you.
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LuminescentRule posted...
It's not a big deal since all PS Vita owners own a PS3.

Not this guy.
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