Wiiu Was doing terrible sales in japan, boom Nintendo did a sick presentation

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Is it traditional for Nintendo fan boys to troll on Sony forums, and for Sony fan boys to troll on Nintendo forums?

Nah its just traditional for normal people armed with logic to educate the fact that one company is arrogant and does nothing besides sitting around with a thumb up their a** and blames everything in the book to make up for their lack of profession while the other company at least apologizes for their mistakes, listens/support their consumers, and tries to fix things. I'll let others here say which is which, its pretty obvious who is on the winning side and who isn't.

unfortunately they also turn around and charge you for add-ons that should have been included in the system from the get go and then release new revisions months later, forcing you to buy said add-ons again. >.>

One company has the power of super popular brands and the other doesn't, that's really what it boils down to.

Forced? :)

Do we really want to get into which company has a "forced" addon for their product?

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Wow, orange just schooled you guys and now since you're so butthurt you can only say things like "I think Orange just had a mental break, lulz."

School us on...history of Nintendo?

Lol, the topic is about why Sony isn't do anything. Not if Nintendo is a looked down company or not. As far as I know, Nintendo Direct still happened. His point is pretty irrelevant to the topic.
I wasn't under the impression that he was trying to argue anyway, so what would be a response to off-topic Nintendo bashing?

This. He can write 10 posts talking about the bad things Nintendo did/do, but what does that change? Nobody is saying that Nintendo are saints, we are saying that they seem to have a plan to the WiiU, something Sony doesn't appear to have for the Vita.
And if this topic was about whatever Nintendo are saints or not, he provided a great total of 0 sources for everything he wrote, so why believe him? (Also, you should add the DmC board to your sig FlipMan.)

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Sailor Goon: I don't want any information on any games until It's on the shelf Dag namit.

Congrats on missing the entire point of the post
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Did WiiU sales doubled after that and no one told me?
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New Xeno game and FE x SMT was the final push I needed to convince me to get a Wii U.

On the other hand, All of my friends sold their Vita's because the only game they care about is Soul Sacrifice, and after playing the JP demo, they lost interest in that as well.
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the presentation basically says "be patient for 2-3 months and we will give you 4-5 games",

So if Nintendo changed the name of the Wii - U, would they be pulling a U-Wii?
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? fix what?
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You didn't like Zelda: The Wind Waker but you're "crossing your fingers" for Tales of Hearts R?


lol, this.
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Why isn't Goon man enough to admit he was caught with his "70% drop" nonsense in my sig?

No integrity whatsoever in that fail poster, eh?;)
Goon claims 90k to 70k is "70% drop in sales"
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Did WiiU sales doubled after that and no one told me?

There haven't been any numbers yet, but ya it's probably going to get a spike.
So if Nintendo changed the name of the Wii - U, would they be pulling a U-Wii?