I have a feeling Sony is going to "relaunch" the Vita pretty soon

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Ihavealotofspac posted...
so people want another ngage now?

An N-gage-type device with actual good games would be nice. That way I could ditch my cell phone.
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I really doubt we will see a redesign any time soon, stores are already having a hard enough time moving the units they have, I doubt they want even more stock that they might not be able to get rid of.
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Sony should hire you TC,,,
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They should get rid of the Rear Touchpad entirely.
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From: MobileWarfare | #006You heard of the Sony Xperia Play? It didn't sell very well.

Because it could only play crappy Android games and PSOne Classics. If they released a smartphone with full Vita capabilities, it would be a very solid product and could find a really strong niche.

I mean, they released that 3G model for nothing. It would have actually meant something if it was a smartphone.

But I don't want a smartphone..I want a dedicated gaming device. I have no interest in a cell phone, seriously..

Then you are a looooooooooser.

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From: Ihavealotofspac | #023
so people want another ngage now?

The problem with the N-Gage was that it was way too early. No one cared about games on cellphones back then. But that's no longer the case. A similar device today, if marketed right and given enough support, could have a real shot at success. (Obviously, the Xperia Play wasn't that.)

Price doesn't really matter with phones. As the iPhone has proved, people can write any ridiculous phone price off as a "necessity", while gaming handhelds are nothing but luxuries. As long as this hypothetical Vita smartphone isn't like $800, it would sell.
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If this system gets a facelift, the only way I buy is if it incorporates L2/R2 buttons next to R1/L1.
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From: sausage54 | #037
If this system gets a facelift, the only way I buy is if it incorporates L2/R2 buttons next to R1/L1.

That would significantly enlarge the system and decrease portability. I say they just use the back touchpad for extra shoulder buttons.