Seriously Vita?

#1defunct32Posted 1/28/2013 3:31:41 AM
So, I was transferring some images and I labeled my pictures as 0001, 0002, so on and so forth in sequence, now there are two images (obviously very different images) are considered similar files by Vita just because both have the exact same file size.. I didn't pay much attention and chose "Save New"... then again Vita said "There is a very similar file" this time I checked both of these and again both have the same file size.

Now, I wanna know what's the difference between "Save New" and "Overwrite?" cause I have uploaded 20 files and I chose "Save New" and I assumed by "Save New" the Vita will create another new files so shouldn't I be having more than 20 files?

Why the heck does Sony always make things so complicated for their consumers? I just wanna transfer files and it even requires an internet connection. Ugh.