8 dollars left in my account; what should I buy?

#11Sami1000Posted 1/29/2013 12:48:52 PM
EmptyTome posted...
Sami1000 posted...
According to this board you should

A. Run to the hill because Pokemon game is getting released.
B. Sell your vita ASAP because Sony sold one of its building.
C. Buy any game you wish and let us tell you how bad it is and how your opinion doesn't matter even though you like it.

Is this board still like that? I haven't been around lately, but 5 months ago it was pretty bad.

Somewhat. some days its better and some its worse. To be honest i'm getting sick and tired of these ¨should sony just give up?¨ and ¨nintendo does this and that¨ on vita boards.