Met a girl named Vita today

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MrPoppadopolis posted...
stargazer64 posted...
I met a guy named Danny Devita once.

He was an a******

african? I dont think race should matter, bro.


Also, Danny Devita is pretty clever, I must admit.
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Bringing back an epic topic.
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Lord_Vishana posted...
XciteMe topic


It can't be XciteMe though.
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I am the punish.

She even had a new plastic smell. One day we will cross paths again.
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shadoehacker06 posted...
She ran away? She sounds like a flop to me.

Especially when she didnt let the TC play his game.
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I highly doubt that Vita is a persons name anywhere.
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Sami1000 posted...
I highly doubt that Vita is a persons name anywhere.

Trust me, she was way hawter than this:
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Did she Raketenhammer you?
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