Italian Blog spills killzone news by mistake :D

#1ColorlessMagePosted 1/30/2013 12:15:23 PM

Here are some better pics but can anyone translate this? :/
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Oh nice! The game looks awesome.
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Does that say September 2013?
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woah damn, that looks really nice
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Got the actual site instead of just a photo? Would make running it through google translate easier.
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mrekli posted...
Does that say September 2013?


waiting game commence?
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For those asking for the link:
#8lunchEATSyouPosted 1/30/2013 12:27:26 PM
Ok my Italian is pretty awful but here is what I gleamed from it:

The game takes place during Killzone 1

The MC is named Arran Danner (or vice-versa) who is an ex-UCA soldier now-turned mercenary, currently working for the Helghast. While on a mission for Amabassador Vektan, something goes wrong..

The rest of the article(s) talk about a dedicated single-player campaign and its multiplayer, but due to my piss poor Italian, that's all I could get from it :P
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I still chuckle at the name of the "Helghast" every time I see it. I mean, is there a more blatantly eeeeee-vil name for a race in the history of fiction? Might as well call them the Murderbads.

Anyway, so I'm guessing things are looking a little dry between April 30 and September, then, eh? Damn, that sucks... Maybe they'll finally let Vita owners have Ratchet & Clank FFA during the summer to keep us warm. :P
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Italian guy here, I'll provide a summary:

- Uses same game engine as Killzone3
- Story takes place after the first Killzone and covers various events from the whole series.
- A total of 9 single player mission, roughly 1 hour each.
- each mission is replayable with new challenges and objectives
- Multiplayer mode with 6 maps, 8 players at once and 3 different game modes, including Warzone.
- As a mercenary, actions in single and multiplayer will net you cash you can spend on weapons and upgrades.
- Uses touch screen for some actions (like melee), also gyro controls for aiming (I suppose optional)
- Release date should be in September 2013

In the coming weeks PS Blog and will have an exclusive interview with Piers Jackson, the game director, with an in depth look at multiplayer.