How come Sony is not partnering with Xseed to bring great games to the Vita?

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Rotuhiiri posted...
XSEED is already owned by Marvelous even if they seem to be free to do what they like.

What I'd like to see though is Sony setting up its own localization company that could help translate and publish niche Japanese games digitally in the west. It seems like a cheap way to expand the Vita library compared to making your own games.

I would <3 This
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Sony really does need to step their game up in this regard. At present there aren't a lot of Japan only Vita games, but I'd love to have Lord of Apocalypse (though you don't need much Japanese to play it I'd like to know the story) and that one visual novel horror game where everyone is a blue ghost looking thing. I'd also like to not have to be exceedingly concerned that we won't get Phantasy Star Online 2 and Gods Eater 2 in America.

It's a shame to see that while Nintendo is willing to push for imports, Sony isn't. This isn't a negative comment on Nintendo, before a flame war starts, it's a negative comment on the industry in general. I'm happy that Nintendo is going to bring quality Japanese games to America, I wish Sony would step up and do the same.
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