I feel like being spontaneous, I think I'll go buy a Vita (couple of questions)

#11lightwarrior78Posted 1/31/2013 2:43:35 PM
Game saves are saved primarially to the memory card to the best of my knowledge, though some use the cartridge. What card you want would depend on how much you intend to download. Games for PS1 and PSP can measure a coulpe hundred MBs to a gig or two, and vita games are larger. Then there's music, photos, videos and other features that use memory so unless you plan to use none of those feautres and do very little downloading, the bigger the card the better, particuraly since this thing re-arranges your app bubbles if you swap memory cards around.

Cross buy is so you can play both on the big screen and on the go without having to re-unlock everything. IE I can transfer a save file for a fighting game from PS3 to vita without losing unlocked characters or fighting records, and then transfer the new records back. It's only available for certain games, not every game on both PS3 and vita. I can see the appeal of the idea, but I doubt I'l ever see much use of it myself since you have to own copies for both systems and I don't like to double up.
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Well I went and bought one. I got an 8gb card since it was on special for less than the 4gb one. Also got R&C Qforce (Full Frontal Assault as most of you know it) for PS3, cos it has cross buy and was also on special
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I just bought mine on Sunday, the Call of Duty bundle. It's great. It's a very high-quality system.