Rate that Vita game #1 Persona 4 golden!

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4 years ago#11
8/10 Should of let you skips scenes instead of "fast forwarding" them. Story had some bumps in my opinion too. Otherwise a great game just not perfect.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#13

I have a lot to say why, but I would rather save it for the P4G board
4 years ago#14
Lord_Vishana posted...

It's perfect.
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4 years ago#15

Sad that so few Vita games are anywhere near it in quality and personal interest...
...as opposed to an average game.
4 years ago#16
Lord_Vishana posted...

It's perfect.

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4 years ago#17
I'd give it a fair 8/10
4 years ago#18

Has quite a few flaws but is still an enjoyable experience.

From: ExpelDiasFlac | #012
Undub version FTW

Arguably worse because Rie Kugimiya (Who is usually an amazing actress) did a really bad job with Rise. Then again, so did Laura Bailey.

Honestly, I just blame the character.
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4 years ago#19
Idiots rating it 1 huh?
I'm just dickin aroouunnnd
4 years ago#20
Bear/10 only fatal flaw in the game is that there is nothing to use the endgame personas on except for 1 boss.
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