I think Monster Hunter is being overrated as a game here.

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I agree with everyone that says Monster Hunter will "save" the Vita sales. It's true, it is a system seller and a cultural phenomenon in Japan. All of us Vita fans would love to have MH on the machine just to enjoy the game and see how the Vita enjoys good sales numbers.

WHOEVER, I think people are overrating it waaay too much as a game per se. Capcom has released like 4 MH games in about 2.5 years: MHTri, MH3G, MHP3rd, MHP3rdHD, MH3U.
The formula is being overplayed, and they are saturating the Japanese market at this point. There are no MH direct competitors because why bother investing so much money if it won't sell enough to justify the investment?
I have played every one of those games (except for the Wii U version) and I'm honestly a little tired with the franchise. The improvements for each game are very minimal and I don't see it going anywhere soon. MH4 has some interesting ideas but it still has only 1 new weapon and some features interacting with the environment, but they are seriously trying hard not to improve old mechanics.

For this very reason I'm happy games like Soul Sacrifice exist. Inafune probably wanted to take the Monster Hunter franchise to a whole new level but he was obviously turned down by Capcom's investors and CEOs. When a creative and skilled group of people follow their own vision the result is usually a good thing, and of course it won't sell like Monster Hunter, but I hope it does sell enough to establish, once and for all, a new IP in this industry of sequels.
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I like monster hunter quite a bit but TC is right.
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And if the prospect of MH on the Vita was revived again, TC would be praising it to no end.
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WhiteSword7 posted...
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Milked and overrated are two different things. Sure the series has been milked to death in the last few years, but it's still an excellent series. I'm looking forward to MH3U on 3DS next month.
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2 new weapons
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MH4 has 2 new weapons, the bug spear thingie and the axe-sns thingie
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Meh i still think hunting dinasaurs is lame

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LOL.Can Ponies ever talk about the MH series without sounding so butthurt ??Get a 3ds or Wiiu oif you wan it so much.

How is Soul Sacrifice taking this genre to a whole new level,when the game look uninspired and borrowed a lot of ideas from other games??

Sony boy always have a way to criticize every of the changes (and lack of changes) Capcom are bringing to MH4.