sorry to say this but 3DS and psp are the portables to get not the vita

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Lord_Vishana posted...
I rarely ever drink soda, when I do my favorite is Sprite.

I only drink Milk V8 Vegetable juice and V8 Fruit Fusion.

Eeeewww V8. xP

I drink...pretty much anything carbonated. I am gonna have serious health problems when I get older, I know. :(
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ColorlessMage posted...
So what's everyone favorite drink?

I myself am a sprite guy.

Root Beer. Preferably Barqs. It's got "bite".

You ever had Virgil's?

yes, Virgil's is great! But I think I like their Cream Soda a little more than the Root Beer. None the less, Virgil's is good.
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It's amazing how these types of idiotic topics get the most posts. And you didn't even do a good job with this one TC. Ewe.
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I just got a psp so im late to the game, but I am enjoying it, PSPgo $70 came with 40 games. cradle and av cables another $30
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PlayaMadeTxn05 posted...
It's amazing how these types of idiotic topics get the most posts. And you didn't even do a good job with this one TC. Ewe.

The only reason this topic lived is because we are trolling the troll. ;)

Pig: don't let anybody tell you otherwise, the Go is awesome! :) great deal, enjoy the system!

That tiny size makes it so handy I can't even begin to say!
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I still cant wait to get my Vita. Its alot better then the two psp's i've had.
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tiamat999 posted...
The vita doesn't even feel like an upgrade to the psp feels more like they took one step foward to steps back with it.

Legitimate argument, TC. Well thought-out and articulated.


Granted, personally, even I would pick the 3DS and PSP over Vita, but that's not the point.
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I'm a 3DS user, don't own a Vita, and I'm only here because it's one of the top topics on the home page.

With that out of the way, I just want to say that I don't think Vita fans deserve this trolling. Yes, I prefer the 3DS over the Vita, and no, that does not make me better than any of you. Each system has their own merits, and the Vita deserves far more attention than it has. Neither is better than the other; they're just different. So we should embrace the fact that we all have different tastes.

The 3DS board is always under siege by trolls too, but that does not mean we must stoop to their level.

I hope you will take me as representative of the 3DS fanbase rather than the ignorant trolls, because most of us are pretty cool.

Anyway, enjoy your Vita :)
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how is it trolling all i said was it doesnt seem like a huge improvement
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