its quite obvious why Capcom didn't ports Resident Evil Revelations to Vita

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ThePonyCollie posted...
RE Revelations doesn't matter. It's a POS anyway.

I'm guessing you've never played 5 and 6, then?
Lol, and those weren't even "bad" in general, it just didn't capture the fans while RE:R actually tried going back to its roots.
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From: dj___roll | #024
On my screen, I only see you. That's not anywhere near half.

You don't have to blame your inability to count to three on your screen, it's flat out embarrasing that a person who is at least 13 years old (which i assume you are, considering that anything else would be a ToS violation) is too stupid to count the fingers on their hand. But what could i expect from a floppy poster like you?

Did you even pay attention instead class through grade school?

LOL! What kind of a horribly deformed sentence is this? Hilarious! Next time you try to make some lame "grade school" comeback, try to use some grammar before you embarrass yourself in front of everyone.

Or are you cherry picking an easy target to attack because its easy and makes you feel like a bigger person?

"Cherry picking"? What? lol. Did you mean to just say "picking" and mixed it up with "cherry tapping"? Can you at least write one clear sentence that's not overflowing with your insanity?

He is a horrible poster. Quit responding and he'll quit posting.

I agree with him being a horrible poster, but your idiotic, braindead posts aren't much better. I can't even remember you ever posting without falling flat on your face.
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stargazer64 posted...
Yes, which is why they are porting it to the less powerful ps3 and pc platforms.