Why didn't Intelligent Systems go multiplat with Fire Emblem: Awakening?

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CaptainMoose posted...
Go play TearRing Saga if you want FE so bad! Damn.

nah I'll just play it on my 3DS. :)
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mike_411 posted...
CaptainMoose posted...
Go play TearRing Saga if you want FE so bad! Damn.

nah I'll just play it on my 3DS. :)

I was referring to TC.
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Speaking of SRPGs where is my new FFT and Tactics Ogre Square-Enix?????
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I would love for the series to go multiplat...MORE PEOPLE NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS GAME!!

This is probably the only time ill express my true feelings about a game, but holy s***, awakening is GOOD.

If you like SRPGs, borrow a friends 3DS and play this damn game. Its almost criminal to have a game this good as a exclusive, I never played the GC or Wii FE because of exclusivity, and it hurt so much :'(

Disgaea is fantastic too, its one of my top 3 favorite SRPG franchises, but no one should pass on FE if they can help it.
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<____< I don't know why y'all don't set Moose to ignore.

Anyway FE is my favorite SPRG. I liked it before it was rated as a holy grail recently. >____>

@TC because it is a Nintendo property.

See that should of been the end of this jopic.
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Why does this topic have so many replies?
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mike_411 posted...
L0L_FAQ posted...
This board treats Disgaea like it's some sort of SRPG trump card. It's a good series, but the sales of Disgaea 3 can be presumed to be piss-poor and it's got pretty mediocre reviews across the board. One is an objective judgement by the market (which I believe in firmly) and the other (metacritic score) is a subjective judgement but one which this board keeps bringing up when they need to support the Vita's poor third party support.

it's true disgaea 3 is niche within the niche market but some people love the endless complexity of it. You always find something new to it. One can breeze through the campain rather easily but to finish the post game content you really have to dig into the game, learn it's systems and how to abuse them to get the best stats possible. I know most people don't like that and that's why FE gets more love. It's simple to grasp but still has challenge to it. Some people prefer one to the other.

IMO as good as fire emblem is, disgaea still edges it our and no amount of sales or reviews will convince me otherwise. Disgaea just has more of what I enjoy.

Either way TC, just buy a 3DS and get the game for that. I did.

I greatly enjoyed Disgaea 3 and all the quirky characters, but after a bit, the post game was really just non stop grind, reincarnate and grind again. Took my time and platted the game with about 300 hours of play time.

I'm going with FE on this one. Not that its a competition anyways, two very different games with a just a few similarities
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And so the begging for 3DS games start due to game drought.
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lunchEATSyou posted...
Why does this topic have so many replies?

There was an argument on differing opinions that devoled into name calling.
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This has to be the dumbest thread i've seen in a long time. But it's only achievable from people on the PSVita board.