im anxious with the Vita rewards program referral thingy.

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well at least 1 of those 5 vitas is really mine :)

LOL! I don't mind saying "I hope I'm wrong about this" in the rules though, they say they have steps to validate the serials.

Knowing how half-assed Sony (and other companies) do things I would be surprised if they validate anything.

Amplifinity is a third-party advertising site, you can follow up on who else they work with. As for sony, how would you expect them not to know where the vitas came from since they were made in their factories?
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wtf, even my own vita wont guarantee me of the 20 bux?!?!!?

You can check the amplifinity site and check under your referrals, it will tell you it's status.

i have a lot of "Success - Pending". hell, everything on it says that thing
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