Predict what Sly Cooper's Metacritic average will be

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FierceJello trying to put a negative spin on a vita game again. What a sad troll.

I think it will get between 80-90%. Gotta be more than crappy new super mario bros 2.

Love that hypocrisy

Why are you here again?

After that meltdown you had yesterday on the WiiU board when you admitted not owning a vita and a PS3 and that you hate Sony and love Nintendo. You confirmed you only come to the vita board to troll. You also said you are looking forward to trolling the PS4 board. You're very pathetic.

Wrong again Spoony.
Never said i hate Sony. Never said id troll PS4 board.

Keep trying.

Yes you did. I have witnesses. You got upset enough to call people peadophiles. The mods are watching you now.

You are the most pathetic troll on Gamefaqs. Congrats! It truly takes a lot of effort to be this pitiful.
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It deserves a score between 95-100, but seeing how Metacritic favors Nintendo, I think it will be around 75-80.