Adam Sessler on Sly 4: 2/5

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I will paste what I wrote on the actual Sly board.

For years his opinion was the only critical opinion I would put 110% of my faith into but he is slowly losing it. Maybe he has just been in the industry too long and he is getting bored of certain things. I don't know, almost like he was trying to sound critically intelligent with this review. Very bad review, he is starting to come off as an old man who has forgotten how to just have FUN.

That is what Sly 4 is about, when games were just damn FUN. The game is a throwback to what we used to be playing in 2005. There is nothing like this anymore, he should be praising a studio that does this, or else no one will take these risks... and I cannot even fathom how this game should have felt his wrath to that extent.

His review here...

His complaint about it not progressing the series like Ratchet.... look at Ratchet now! Complaining about how the suits don't have enough purpose throughout the game.... I feel like the old Sess would have taken off points even if the suits were used a lot, just because "it strays too far from what Slys gameplay should actually be, the game is based on new gimmicks. 1...... out of 5!"

Yes it is similar to Sly 2, but thats why it is great. Yes the graphics and design a marginally better than a PS2 game, and that is fine because even Sanzaru knows this. That is why the game is only 40$. FORTY DOLLARS. For 40 bucks to get this for PS3 and Vita is worth applause.

The game does have some technical flaws: a not so constant frame rate and horrendous loading times.

But at the end of the day it is a throwback, it is about fun, and it is only 40 dollars for 2 versions of the game with cross-play/save and Vita AR treasure hunting. It has a decent story, stays true to its roots, and has some fantastic dialogue. I don't see how it deserves and less than a THREE..... OUT OF FIVE!
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XD. One of the most respected individuals in the industry? A reviewer? A guy who gives games scores and is able to manipulate which games sell better and which ones don't, even if it's on a small scale?

Maybe in the game reviewing industry that's true, but who cares about game reviewers.
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Peeps like fiercecustard love to cite metacritic, so letz do the same. Right now the ps3 version is at 77 (vita's scores are empty).

And if anything, this proves that metacritic is an absolute joke:

Season 1 of bb is at 7.4? ahaha, yeah ok.
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MicroByter posted...
Am I the only one watching the gameplay footage and thinking to myself that it looked great and had some good variety in gameplay? I'm not arguing that it's perfect, but the score seems a bit low.

Maybe it's a case of overblown expectations and the end product not meeting them.

On a side note, I learned a new word from the review - pastiche... I intend to use that word with every future conversation or post I make. =p

I think it's a case of the game not being made by Sucker Punch and probably feeling a bit like a cheap imitation of the series.

But I enjoyed the demo, so we'll see how the rest of the game holds up.
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Omar_Comin_Yo posted...

m i rite?

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Manilo_Punish posted...
Peeps like fiercecustard love to cite metacritic, so letz do the same. Right now the ps3 version is at 77 (vita's scores are empty).

And if anything, this proves that metacritic is an absolute joke:

Season 1 of bb is at 7.4? ahaha, yeah ok.

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Another bomb for Sony/Vita.
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kuragari1anonly posted...
Adam Sessler is trying so hard to stay relevant, lol

Equals:, Hmmm:
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What I really like is that he lets you know it's still just his review of the game, that is something that is not really shown in a lot of reviews that go around today.

He might be disappointed himself, but he doesn't turn no one away from buying it. Just a clean review of his thoughts on the game.
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I loved his Crisis Core Review and fanboys went into RAGE mode. Seriously,it's his opinion and I actually think his views and opinions are interesting. SLy doesn't even look that good on Vita anyway. Don't care about his opinion and enjoy the game for yourself. A bit petty to start insulting one of the more knowledgeable journalists out there.