$ony charging $60 to repair my stuck Square button

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why was it sticky?

Ok on a serious note i was playing playstation allstars when i noticed the button just got mushy. i ignored it for a few days then bam! the button cant be pressed anymore.I believe im covered under warranty but then i have to purchase another one right after i get my vita back.

Mushy from what?

The square button is a basic attack in PSASBR.

It's a highly button for lots of games. Still doesn't explain why it's "mushy"


This is what happens when people use their systems for stuff other than gaming...
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Go Internet Browser!
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Sony has to make money somehow. If that means charging 60 bucks for a new square button, then so be it.

At least it wasn't your circle button. I hear those go for 200 bucks a pop.
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That's outrageous.
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That's outrageous.

But it's not truly, truly, truly outrageous like Jem.
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At least ur A button didnt fall off.

Oh, and pics or it didnt happen
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