SCEA Hires A New Marketing Agency.

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4 years ago#31
From: XphoenixedgeX | #030
I don't usually like using this over-used internet meme/term....but... you seem pretty "butthurt" dude.

"You're not licking Sony's feet? BUTTHURT. Herp derp DAE like to witty responz gaiz?" - Vita board

Please try to articulate a proper response next time.
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4 years ago#32
mike_411 posted...
I liked the Michael commercials. :(

Same here, they were thanking us specifically.
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4 years ago#33
8 years too late. ps3's lucky it survived with its horrible ads
4 years ago#34
Cou-could it be... David Manning?!
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4 years ago#35
I honestly think that they're doing this mainly for the upcoming PS4, but hopefully they'll mention the Vita in their ads every once in a while.
4 years ago#36
The possessed baby commercial was creepy as hell. The only good thing to come out of it was the way it was used in reaction images and console wars ("The commercial is about a Sony fanboy in a room full of ps3 games!")

At least it was an interesting commercial. These days, most video game commercials are downright bad. The WiiU commercials (if you ever see them) suck badly. The Black Ops Declassified commercial was ridiculous. The list goes on.
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