Do you think a new Monster Hunter game will be made for Vita?

#11DrROBschizPosted 2/9/2013 5:41:41 AM
The earliest that I expect up to see a japanese announcement is fall2013 through Spring 2014

Capcom is going to cannabalize MH4 unless they actually decide to go multiplatform with it
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Based on what crapcom said regarding Resident Evil Revelations. No.
They don't want to admit it but I think Capcom hates the Vita. They don't want to make a Monster Hunter for it. They only ported over crappy fighter games, that's how much they care about the platform.

Although I heard they released a patch for Street Fighter Vs Tekken that completely changed the game for good.

Publishers neither love or hate platforms, emotions rarely get caught up in the mix with business. Capcom simply doesn't see the Vita as a viable platform right now where considerable investment is concerned. Who can blame them when you look at the snail paced growth of the userbase.

no,publisher is run by humans too,they can get angry at other company too(ex:EA and WiiU)