Any downsides to picking up the 3G model?

#194mav98Posted 2/9/2013 9:33:23 AM
I was planning on getting the Wi-fi only version, because I have zero interest in using 3G features. A retailer in my country is currently offering the 3G version (bundled with an 8GB memory card and a digital copy of Wipeout 2048) for only 150.

If I buy it, can I just use it as if it were a Wi-fi only model and completely ignore everything 3G related by removing the SIM card and turning off the 3G receiver? I don't want to be forced into renewing 3G subscriptions and such. Wi-fi is good enough for me.

The game library is slowly but surely starting to shape up rather nicely (it even crushes its competition when it comes to fighting games) so now seems like a good time to get one!
#2FSN_SaberPosted 2/9/2013 9:35:48 AM
I've always thought you had to have a contract for the 3G version. Have you tried asking the staff at the store? If you don't need a contract for it then go for it!
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#3MATADOR480Posted 2/9/2013 9:42:06 AM
I'm pretty sure you can. My brother in law got one for Xmas and he doesn't use any 3g at all. He uses it just on wifi. You should be fine as long as the place you're buying it from doesn't force a contract on you, you should be OK.
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#4Turkleton_2Posted 2/9/2013 9:52:19 AM
I have a 3G Vita and I have no contract. Mine is simply pay as you go top up. TBH I only got the Vita version for the free wipeout digital download, taking that into account only worked out as 10 more than the wi-f only.
#594mav98(Topic Creator)Posted 2/9/2013 9:53:21 AM
It doesn't seem like they do. From what I can tell, you get a pre-paid SIM card. If you activate it, you get one free week of 3G and if you want another free week you must register with the service provider. But even then it does not seem to be any binding contracts involved, as you will have to manually re-fill your SIM card whenever you want to use 3G again, so I guess that means I can just ignore the SIM card after my first free week, or not even put it in my Vita to begin with.

These days it's so hard to find good deals that don't try to trick you into ways of having to pay more for something than you were led to believe you had to.