should i sell my 3ds for this?

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3 years ago#11
Rotuhiiri posted...
You will regret selling your 3DS eventually so don't do it. As a Zelda fan you will cry when an original Zelda 3DS game is announced. Try to save up for both instead.

I forgot about that,I was gonna sell my 3DS because I never play it. I forgot about Zelda, not to mention I also just remembered about super smash bros.
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3 years ago#12
Get a Vita.
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3 years ago#13
Here we go again.......

Hey btw should I sell my car and get another car, I can't make my mind up on my own so I need other peoples opinions from the internet that I don't know.
3 years ago#14
tc man as gimmecky 3ds maybe, don;t sell it. save up for vita instead, buy it used for cheaper price or wait for price drop.

nintendo has some nice exclusives(so does sony) which are likely to come out before any major sony exclusive.
3 years ago#15
3 years ago#16
Jweinikkom posted...

Nothing wrong with that, he could just be young as he said he couldn't get the money for a vita till Xmas unless he sold his 3ds. Then we can imply that maybe he doesn't have a smartphone for better YouTube. Its not such a stretch really
3 years ago#17
You're a very impulsive person aren't you, TC?
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3 years ago#18
NEVER sell your system for another, only to eventually buy it again. Its a stupid thing to do and you'd be losing money in the long run. Just wait until you have enough to get a Vita.
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3 years ago#19
I would probably hold on to the 3ds if i was you.

Hopefully this years e3 lineup and possible future announcements will make it worthwhile to actually own a vita.

I own both a 3ds and a vita, my 3ds gets a little more play time simply because i beat the only 2 games that were of interest to me and the current ones out there don't interest me.

The only things i use my vita for is minor web browsing, and videos ( HD videos i transfer to my vita and netflix).

Had i payed anywhere near full price ( which i didn't) for my vita this would seem like a total waste to some. Different people different tastes though, i personally don't like most of the current vita games out there perhaps you do and its worth it for you.
3 years ago#20
Wait it out til the price cut or another BF deal.

3DS is pretty awesome with the robust DS and 3DS libraries.
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