That can't be good...

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Gamer001988 posted...
It's quite obviously the price. Just look at the 3ds. History repeats itself.

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Petey_Meanis posted...
From: Gamer001988 | Posted: 2/11/2013 6:59:47 PM | #001
I went to pick up assassins creed at my local kmart

it's no surprise the cashier hasn't sold Vita games before.. WHO THE HELL STILL SHOPS AT KMART? There are none left in my area and if there were it would not be my go to place for games on any system.

My family shops at friends shop at Kmart..I work at Kmart gets quite a bit of business because most people in my town hate Walmart. A large majority of Walmarts business where I live, is due to Canadians.
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Are any of you guys Wal-Martians?
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The price isn't an issue for me, the games are.
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Are any of you guys Wal-Martians?

only for socks and underwear.
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Gamer001988 posted...
It's quite obvious that is due to the price. Just like when the 3ds came out.

price isn't the only issue
the memory cards
the lack of advertisements
lack of full backwards compatibility
very few system sellers
there are probably many more but thats all i can think of.
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Yeah, there is several contributing factors but cost of the console including memory cards is by far the biggest problem. The vast majority of consumers don't log on to video game sites and read reviews. If it was 200.00 with free memory it would sell like hot-cakes.
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It's a K-Mart, their mascot is a blue light-bulb.
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DalekZero posted...
could just be the store or the hours the persona works.

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