Why doesn't Sony just come up with its own Pokemon-like franchise for the Vita?

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My favorite Sonic was Sonic 3 plugged into Sonic & Knuckles.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles is fantastic.
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No it wouldn't. Pokemon is an established franchise, theres no way that any new Pokemon clone to come out would EVER even come close to selling as much as the main series Pokemon games. It just won't happen. Its like World of Warcraft, no matter how many mmorpgs come out, even if they are "better" they will never have the success WOW has.

Also, to further prove my point, just look at what happened with Sony Smash Bros. Its wasn't a system seller at all, while Super Smash Bros, is.

You're wrong about one thing. One day WoW will be beated. It will not stay the top mmorpg forever.

Nothing last forever. Give it another ten years and WoW probably won't be on top anymore.
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Even if they actually managed to come up with a game of comparable quality, it would never win more than a niche following compared to Pokemon. The mere fact that Pokemon came first (and has had a long time to refine itself) ensures that it will always stay on top. (At least, unless the quality starts slipping big-time, enough that even its fans start to lose their taste for the main series.)
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Pokemon's just a ripoff of Digimon anyway.

You mean Pokemon ripped off the future?
Cuz unless I'm overlooking something, Pokemon was made before Digimon. :/

Bandai, who made Digimon, made Tamagotchi the same time Pokemon was being made. In the same year, both Pokemon and Tamagotchi would be released.
Both were monsters in your pocket.

Neither then copied the other.

Digimon was released one year later as a new type of Tamagotchi.
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JADE COCOON !!!! They need to bring that ish back!
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McMarbles posted...
Pokemon's just a ripoff of Digimon anyway.

bzzt wrong!
then it became pokemon , the orginal gameboy game was copyrighted in 1995.
srsly don't listen to demondog 666 he knows nothing on that.
Why did Nintendo rip off digimon? demondog666
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