PS vita help

#1InuyazeiahPosted 2/12/2013 2:23:35 PM
So I have a ps Vita with two memory cards, one 8 gb and another 4 gb (got it from a starter kit). On my 4 gb memory card, I currently have nothing and on my 8 gb I have a a bunch of ps one classics. I just decided that I want to place the ps one classics on the four gb memory card and use the 8 gb for games that use more memory space. However, some of the ps one classics that I have I havent beaten yet (Legend of Dragoon, in 3rd disc; Medievil, halfway through the game; Final fantasy 7, first disc.) I want to be able to transfer these to the four gb memory cards and still keep the save files. Is this possible? Or will I just have to redownload them to put them on the 4 gb?
#2kingofall214Posted 2/12/2013 2:28:56 PM
Yes back up the games onto a computer or ps3 then put in the 4 gig and restore them. Saves for ps1 and psp are kept separate so if you want to move them do that too.
#3Inuyazeiah(Topic Creator)Posted 2/12/2013 2:30:05 PM
Thank you, Ill give it a try.