According to Sony COD and AC3 Bundle were system sellers

#1Bancario51Posted 2/14/2013 10:31:56 AM
Hence the term bundle. Admit it people some of you bought the Asscreed bundle.
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#2Spiffy247Posted 2/14/2013 10:36:17 AM
I decided to get a Vita during E3 when they revealed the AC bundle. Until then, I was thinking. "I want a White Vita, and I'd like an Assassin's Creed game. But a Bundle with both would kick copious amounts of ass."

After it was revealed, I was sure I was getting it. And I like it.
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#3mrekliPosted 2/14/2013 10:44:29 AM
Yeah! Let's judge people that wanted to save money and get a game they already wanted to buy!!!!
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#4TehTrumpCardPosted 2/14/2013 10:46:30 AM
I wish I had a White Vita...

I do have a 3G Vita and a Wifi Vita though.
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#5nariusseldonPosted 2/14/2013 1:36:56 PM
Bancario51 posted...
Hence the term bundle. Admit it people some of you bought the Asscreed bundle.

I guess they are not very good system sellers, when vita sales were horrible .. even during Xmas.
#6TheExiled280Posted 2/14/2013 1:39:31 PM(edited)
ACL was actually decent

No comment on CoD....
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#7Cow KillerPosted 2/14/2013 3:44:12 PM
I got that great Amazon bundle with AssCreed during the christmas sales. Haven't regretted it~
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#8b1gt0nePosted 2/14/2013 3:48:48 PM
Picked up asscreed bundle from amazon during black Friday.
#9aryanbrarPosted 2/14/2013 3:50:16 PM
ac game from what i hear is pretty good. cod on the other hand lol.
#10Shadowfxd2Posted 2/14/2013 3:51:40 PM
if bundled games are system seller, then Little Deviants from the early bundle is a system seller...
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