WTF? NP-8125-6 Cannot add funds the maximum funding amount will be exceeded?

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stargazer64 posted...
Hmmm. I'm 99% sure that I've had $180 in my wallet before. Maybe the store is glitching tonight.

Edit: Well that's BS.
Yeah, I agree. If I want to give them my money (and it seems they need it), why would they limit me like that. =\ I'm asking a PS rep on chat if the cards expire, since I don't feel like getting screwed out of my money.
Not a rich guy, I just plan my expenses. I have paid my cell phone bill up for the next 6 months, or example, my cable bill for the same amount of time, and my mom's phone bill until January of next year. When I have money, it may seem like I blow it, but I try to plan as far in advance as I can. This way, I can't get screwed out of video games at the very least, should something go awry. =D
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arclouks_x posted...
TinyTim123 posted...
Dammit, as of January 13th, they put the limit to $150.
Astfgrl! Wish I had been aware of the lowered limit before nabbing a third card.

Just hold on it I doubt it expires, if not share your psn with me, I wouldnt mind some extra cash haha.

Sorry, my PSN is already linked to two Vita systems, and a PS3. This way my brother and I can play ad hoc multiplayer and work together toward Vita trophies without the Ragnarok Odyssey fiasco, where I bought the collector's edition, and then he got a Vita, and had to buy another copy (digital this time) so we could both play.