adding touch controls to games that dont need it

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its reassuring to know im not alone in my frustration. ill be picking up MG HD. thanks
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Yeah, I agree. Some games are nice with the touch controls, but others make you do actions with the touch controls that you could easily do at the click of the button.. it should just be an option (either touch or click x)
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kyncani posted...
That's one thing multiplatform games have : they don't ruin their games with bad gimmicks.

Even the Vita ports have some touch screen silliness. Take P4G, for example. Touch isn't implemented for things like menus where it might make sense, but you have this silly "touch here to 'rescue' someone'" gimmick while in the dungeons.
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Doa5 plus has touch controls for no purpose other than to satisfy ones perversion
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From: EmptyTome | Posted: 2/17/2013 4:35:42 PM
And I'm not even touching that point in the game have to put a letter in front of a light. That was way, way more useless.

That one made me angry >_> I couldn't find a light that worked so I wasted so much time...
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