Never say doomed when it comes to sony

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Every company has a dark past.. even nintendo. Remember the virtual boy?
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NinjaGamer_23 posted...
Every company has a dark past.. even nintendo. Remember the virtual boy?

But this topic wasn't about Nintendo was it? If you're going to make a reassurance topic at least stick to your main arguement. Also there wasn't really any new announcements besides the price drop.
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blankempathy posted...
The psp go was ahead of its time. Lack of umds isolated a lot of psp owners.Too bad because its a great little system.

I just think that it's a massive mistake of both Sony and all Publishers that so many great PSP games are not available on PSN. It would have also helped persuade a ton of customers to go digital (VIta and PSPgo) if it was possible to get a big discount (or for free) for any game you already bought in physical form. If I'm not mistaken a device for that purpose was released in Japan so Sony has the means, just not the willpower.

I don't care how many excuses publishers come up with not to release games like Crisis Core, Tales of Eternia, Kingdom Hearts, Maverick Hunter X and so on digitally. Or tons of PS1 classics that EU PSN still misses out on like Chrono Cross and Xenogears. These excuses like copyright and buying rights are getting old, somehow they DO manage to sort these things out for their big name releases and all new games.

If publishers really wanted to give us all games on PSN it would happen. The fact that so many things are missing to me is just a sign that publishers don't care about their biggest fans and Sony should push those publishers to do something about it because it is THEIR NETWORK, THEIR CONSOLE and THEIR FANS that are suffering because of it.
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Pocketstation, eyetoy, PS2 HDD, 3D gaming with glasses, PSP camera, PS move and PSP Go would like to say otherwise.

You brought up a dark past man

Well I'm a Sony fan... that actually owns all of that and a Vita...

Now that's dedication, too bad they won't recognize you for it
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The Pocketstation was actually a big success and the EyeToy had sold over 10 million units even before the PS Move.
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