Quote Me 2 Months From Now: Vita In Japan Will SELL MORE Than 3DS Weekly

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DarkPhoenix852 posted...
JustChillin posted...
Nope, not happening. It may get a week in there that it'd outsell 3DS, but 3DS would probably be in every Japanese citizen's hands.

Exactly. Don't you see? Everyone in Japan will already have a 3DS. They will be JustChillin at their homes, while Vita's sales sky rocket.

I mean, some of them may have to buy a new 3DS every few months, due to the screen getting scratched just from keeping it closed... but still...

bwahahaha dream on.
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JONlCS posted...
shut up, guys. im trying to get him to bet on it.

Tell yah what loyal gamefaq-er... if you are the 100th poster in this topic, I will put my shiny $20 psn card on the line.

better start drinking this, then

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Somebody screen capture this topic for 2 months later please.
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It's only a 3KL, then again The mods on this board only mod non redundant topics
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So it's come to the point where people are committing user account suicide.
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From: Zoe_Browsket | Posted: 2/18/2013 12:54:10 PM | #023
Somebody screen capture this topic for 2 months later please.


EDIT: here it is - http://i.imgur.com/GzxjyUf.png
EDIT 2: 100th person posting gets $20 PSN card - http://i.imgur.com/RtmS2N7.png
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no one ever pays up when they lose
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XCrossYZ posted...
It's only a 3KL, then again The mods on this board only mod non redundant topics

Mods will not mod this topic, because it's hard for one to work when one always has a stick up their butt. Was that an direct insult to the mods? Yes...yes it was.
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Ihavealotofspac posted...
no one ever pays up when they lose

I will. I'll even make a topic on it. But that won't happen, because in 2 months, Vita > 3DS sales... ahh what the heck. Vita > 3DS "sells".
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How this will go:

Sony: Price drop for Vita and memory cards! Take *that*, Nintendo.

Sony sells 20,000 units in one week in Japan.

Nintendo: Release the Krake, er Pokemon!

Nintendo sells 250,000 units in one week in Japan.

Sony: *shakes tiny fist in the air* Curse you, Nintendooooooo!

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