Those who see Sony do nothing right with the Vita won't like this Article...

#31StrikeNinja24Posted 2/18/2013 3:08:06 PM
ManjiMidou posted...
And what do you get back in return strike?

Why shrug it off with" öh Canada... when the guy stepped up when you called his post bs?

why Strike whyyyyyy!?!?!?

l don't remember you always being like this from back in the tales boards.

I blame dealing with rabid Vesperia fans for the past four years. That fanbase is pretty much the main reason why I won't buy Xillia.

If it sounds bad to those who have no idea what it means, think Sonic fans, but more destructive.

And let's be honest, the presence and importance of video games industry in Canada is a step below most places in Europe. Meaning pretty low.
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