New to the Metal Gear series : Is the MGS HD Collection good for a start?

#11Sami1000Posted 2/19/2013 7:30:36 AM
If you want to play mgs games in right order (storywise) then:

1964 - Virtuous Mission - Operation Snake Eater - Metal Gear Solid 3
1970 - San Hieronymo Takeover - Metal Gear Solid: Portal Ops (PSP, not available on Vita unless it's available for transfer from a PS3).
1972 - Les Enfants Terribles Project - ??
1974 - Peace Walker Incident - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP/PS3, Need PS3 for PSP-to-Vita download)
1995 - Outer Heaven Uprising - Metal Gear (MSX Included with MGS3 HD edition or collection)
1999 - Zanzibar Land Disturbance - Metal Gear 2 (MSX Included with MGS3 HD edition or collection)
2005 - Shadow Moses Incident - Metal Gear Solid (ps1 classic)
2007 - Tanker Incident - Metal Gear Solid 2
2009 - Big Shell Incident - Metal Gear Solid 2
2014 - Liquid Sun - Solid Sun - Third Sun - Twin Suns - Old Sun - Naked Sin - ??

I copied this from other forum. You can play mgs 3, P. ops, peace walker, both old school games which come with vita's hd collection, mgs 1 and mgs 2. All these on vita.
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I suggest that you try to (at least) watch the first game. To be honest, I was never into the first Metal Gear Solid. I got into the series with Metal Gear Solid 2. I only played that and Peacewalker, so I'm trying to play all of them (even the two that I already played) so that I can better understand the story.

I purchased MGS on PSN and I really do not find it enjoyable. It seems that without the nostalgia attached to it, it's just a very dated game. So my advice is to watch a video if you can and just get the MGS HD collection and MGS 4.
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BahamutBBob posted...
If you want to play the entire series in order of release, the HD collection has MG1 and 2 as bonuses with MGS3.

MGS1 has a text summary of (I believe) both MG games just so you kind of know what happened.

I agree the others that you should start with MGS1. The controls aren't great and the graphics are pretty awful, but I still really enjoy it.
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