Vita price drop is JAPAN ONLY

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User Info: REMercsChamp

4 years ago#1

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion and uncalled for excitement over the recent price drop announcement. I would just like to clarify that this price drop is for japan only. Thank you


User Info: Rocketomy

4 years ago#2
Please leave your crying children at the counter.

User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#3
It's likely to occur in the US soon enough.
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User Info: ejay8320

4 years ago#4
Where do these posters(TC) come from...

User Info: Rotuhiiri

4 years ago#5
Target still has the LEGO Batman bundle for $199.99 so we can all enjoy the price cut right now. Ignore the hater and go back to celebrating, guys!
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User Info: Sailor Goon

Sailor Goon
4 years ago#6
Dear TC,
Everyone already knows this.

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