What's the total sales for the Vita now?

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It's probably sold worldwide about what the new Animal Crossing game has sold in Japan alone. I'm not even kidding.


I think both are somewhere around 3.5 million.

That's crazy that one game in one region can sell as much as a system worldwide, especially when said system has been out 4x longer than said game.

Yea, but Animal Crossing is like 210$ cheaper than the Vita.

Some Vita games didn't sell too bad though. I think AC3L sold over 500k. Not bad, since I don't think those numbers include the bundle sales. Not to mention the Portable itself only sold like 3.5-4mil.
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It's probably more than we expect. I've observed a steady shift in attitude on other forums around the vita with more comments about recently bought or intending to buy or the "no games" thing not being the case.

Now that PS4 has been announced I think vita will finally start to move stock.
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it's a little over 4 million according to VGchartz
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