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It's down to $20 though.
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It's so sad that Playstation US is making such a huge deal about being able to play a PSP game on Vita. When I saw the title to the article I thought it would be something good, like Peace Walker HD for Vita. =\
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And still, Portable Ops stands alone in the cold.
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From: The_Limit | #009
xixihaha posted...
Just want to know if the graphic is as crisp as it is on psp... 'cause I was totally shocked after I downloaded dissidia 012 on vita...

Dissidia 012 is awesome on Vita.

I never owned a PSP so I can't compare the graphics qualities between the systems, but I would say Peace Walker is about same as DIssidia 012 in terms of graphics.
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Great. Now all we need is KH: BBS and Crisis Core. For me anyhow.
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Angemon_23 posted...
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