Favorite pick up sn pkay Vita game?

#11joelang12Posted 2/27/2013 1:53:27 PM
edf 2017. would love to see ports of the others in the series. this is the first edf game i have ever played and its funa s hell. 35 hours in so far
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#12knob1701Posted 2/27/2013 2:10:38 PM
Hot Shots Golf. Can shoot a round in less than 15 minutes.
#13darkphiresagePosted 2/27/2013 3:16:36 PM
age of zombies
retro city rampage
gravity rush
symphony of the night

should prolly check the minis. they're pretty much made for this kinda play.
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#14fourgigmanPosted 2/27/2013 3:18:44 PM
COD Declassified.
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#15smelly_boobPosted 2/27/2013 3:19:34 PM
lninjasonicl posted...
Hot Shots Golf

this, the daily tourny's are 10-15 min each day of fun. agree jetpack joyride is fun too