All PS+ games being revealed at once now for the US

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For a real gamer its a bad deal because if you were interested in the game to begin with you would have played it already

I'd agree if everyone had unlimited money. I buy the games I really want, which is usually about 10 games a year, and Plus fills in the rest of my play time.

Most people only see the value of Plus in how many things it offers that they already wanted though, which ignores one my favourite things about Plus. It gives me things I have no interest in, so that I have a chance to get interested.

This i could somewhat understand but go to the cheap used games bin at game stop and you can OWN theses games for dirt cheap.
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This topic went to hell....

Indeed. Wanna grab some pizza with me?
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Called Disgaea 3 and Spec Ops
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I just checked the store. The other possible strategy titles can be either Escape Plan or New Little King's Story.

Escape plan is a puzzle game and NLKS wasn't critically acclaimed....

The Wii version was...

Anyway, looks like it was D3.