Which PSN account to use

#1Sk2nKZPosted 3/3/2013 10:34:15 PM
Im torn between which import account i should use since a bought a new memory card. Should i go with a HK psn or a Japanese? It'll be appreciated to state the convenient info about each one and cons.
#2NerdstickPosted 3/3/2013 11:00:12 PM
HK Pro: Store is in English. Has English versions of games, certain exclusives (like English ver Samurai & Dragons). Cheaper points to buy, cheaper games.
Downside: Doesn't have as big of a selection of titles. Certain titles release later.
JPN Pro: Better selection. Earliest releases. Certain exclusives (Soul Sacrifice Demo, Miku Demo, etc).
Downside: More expensive everything. No English.

A lot of it comes down to what physical copies you're going to buy (if any). One thing to bear in mind is that DLC codes included with games are region locked to their stores, so if you plan on importing Hong Kong (Asian) releases, the DLC can't be used in the Japanese store. Likewise if you import Japanese games with DLC codes, they can't be used on the Hong Kong store.

What it boils down to is cost vs convenience. If you want to be able to buy most every title and save a lot of money you might want to go for Hong Kong. But if you want to assure yourself that you will always be able to buy any game you're interested in, and without delays (Soul Sacrifice is ETA Summer for the Asian copy, and there's no SS Demo), and want to be able to access digital titles/demos that don't come over to HK, you'll want to go for Japan.

I personally went for Hong Kong. Missing demos sucks but I'm going all-physical and the savings are really nice. If I want to play any demos I can temporarily hop anyways.