Tsutuya talks about the vita sales this week ! " greater than month of december"

#1GamerOfThronePosted 3/6/2013 5:51:07 AM
Thanks to BaldrSkies for the translation.

"According to Tsutaya, an enormous chain with over 500 game shops in Japan, their sales of PS Vita systems this week following the price cut have been greater than the entire month of December combined, including holiday sales. Most buyers also picked up a copy of Senran Kagura and/or PSO2, with the former running out of stock at most locations, hurting sales and its weekly ranking."

#2Rolen47Posted 3/6/2013 6:01:53 AM
Too bad they wont do the same thing for the US.
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Tsutaya is a video rental place, certain areas don't sell games nor videos and only do rentals but big areas which do also sell books and magazines etc.

Tsutaya are very expensive as they sell stuff at RRP and rarely have any sales or anything, so them selling loads of Vitas with full price games is pretty great news!
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Means nothing... Tsutaya is one of many places that sell games, and its not even a dedicated gaming store provider.

others places need to report hardware hikes too.

That said, hopefully its a good week, will be great seeing more people with PSV's here.
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