Which fighter should I buy? SF X tekken, BlazBlue, UMVC or Mortal Kombat?

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  3. Which fighter should I buy? SF X tekken, BlazBlue, UMVC or Mortal Kombat?
2 years ago#11
Mine would be

Blazblue > MK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UMvC3
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2 years ago#12
The only correct answer is:

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2 years ago#13
2 years ago#14
REAL players play UMVC3 and get caught in nets.(packed in bags, - bodied)
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2 years ago#15
i'd say sfxt over all of them. i think it really sets the bar in the areas of cross console multiplayer with great and smooth graphics. and in my opinion the controls are so good that a ps3 player has no advantage over a psv player. other portable fighting games really need to follow this games model.
2 years ago#16
If I buy the PSN version of SFxTK, will I get the 12 DLC characters for the PS3 version, along with the +38 DLC Alt Costumes, for free? What I mean is that if it's still applicable now?
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2 years ago#17
how's the community for SFxTK anyways?

I played it for awhile when it was first released for PS3 and I thought it was a pretty bad game.. I know about the patch and stuff so I am deciding if I should get this or BB for PSV...

I just don't know if I don't like the game because the original version of the game is actually pretty bad, or if I am just a umvc player on PS3

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2 years ago#18
SFXT, it's now much better with the 2013 patch, no timeouts, no stupid ABC pokes all the times, no mindless jab pressure, it's a lot better.

Also DOA5+ is around the corner, maybe you should wait for the reviews and then make your final decision.
2 years ago#19
2 years ago#20
I have not played BlaeBlue so I may get that one. But from the other 3 I played.

I had the most fun with Mortal Kombat. Umvc3's graphics blew me away for a handheld. So sharp and clear. and SFxTK was okay.
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  3. Which fighter should I buy? SF X tekken, BlazBlue, UMVC or Mortal Kombat?

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