PS Vita is 'blowing up' in Japan

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This topic reminds me of another topic about great (but offensive) puns

Ahh i remember it so. Truly best topic ever. This could be a close second, if the jokes werent about horrible disasters.

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And the haters thought the Vita was dead...pffft. ;-P

Can't wait for the delusional Vita fanboys to see the sales of the Vita in a few weeks.

Yeah it's sad but true. The sales will probably drop down again in a few weeks time. But at least we had this spike.
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The PS Vita's sales are monstrous in size, all other companies should run away in fear, while yelling it's name. Sony must be loudly roaring because of their immense power... in being able to sell PS Vitas................................... Godzilla.
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You alllllllllll need to modded immediately. One time I said something about radioactivity in Japan and I got modded to hell and back.

Now this is just going to far...
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9 out of 11 people agree, this topic towers over the rest in awesomosity.
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My father flew a B-29 from Tinian in ww2. He was "Blowing up" Japan for sure.
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