System settings it the 3rd best Vita game according to Game Infarcer!

#1Tempest717Posted 3/16/2013 4:06:30 PM
Kinda expected it to place higher tbh :(
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#3fourgigmanPosted 3/16/2013 4:25:11 PM
Its fun the graphics could be better tho.
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#4stargazer64Posted 3/16/2013 4:26:04 PM
Oh Game Infarcer. Still one of the few redeeming GI features.
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#5mike_411Posted 3/16/2013 4:34:41 PM
I thought the AT&T app would score highet. :(
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#6GuitaristMattPosted 3/16/2013 4:35:09 PM
I really liked the Nomura hates cosplayers article
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#7NE_PatriotsFanPosted 3/16/2013 4:53:28 PM
I love the people who get angry at what Game Infarcer says, they are as funny as his articles.
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#8941BlazePosted 3/21/2013 6:55:56 PM
When I saw that, I BUSTED out laughing XDDDDDDDDDDDD
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#9McMarblesPosted 3/21/2013 7:24:06 PM
Only 3rd?
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#10krizz07Posted 3/21/2013 8:04:50 PM
if capcom made the vita, the system settings would probably have $4.99 DLCs for you to change bluetooth settings or wallpaper skins.