As a Tekken fan, Dead or alive 5 plus is such a disappointment.

#1ManjiMidouPosted 3/17/2013 8:52:06 PM(edited)
Aside from it looking pretty, it's getting dull pretty fast.

no customizations
no tag mode
no offline ranking mode
no opening or endings for characters...


l'll probably end up trading this in and selling my pre-order dlc custome pack.
lf you want a boring, dull but pretty fighter for the vita get Dead or Alive 5 +
#2HoIlywoodPosted 3/17/2013 8:51:41 PM
Yah pretty slim pickings til Soul Sacrifice
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#3lunchEATSyouPosted 3/17/2013 8:53:48 PM
There's no opening/ending movies for the characters? That's very wierd.

The PS3 version had tag battles though; plus it's about $10 cheaper. (Not sure about the character movies though...)
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#4adrian677Posted 3/17/2013 8:54:48 PM
Unfortunately, par for the course on the Vita. Many ports, and mostly downgraded and dumbed down to some extent.
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#5AkagehisaPosted 3/17/2013 9:37:08 PM
No tag no buy, its a pity coz I was looking forward to this one,, and NGZ2+ :(

I guess I'll have to wait for SS.
#6FinnelforeverPosted 3/17/2013 9:39:08 PM
Boobies and booties sells.

I mean come on, look at those babes! Kasumi, Ayane, Kokoro <3

Lol, on a serious note, I heard they're actually getting praised gameplay-wise... But I don't know. DOA5 Plus will be my very first DOA games. Let me just judge it after I got it.
#7HaRRy_TiPPeR_Posted 3/17/2013 9:40:41 PM
its Dead or alive it has never been top tier when it comes to fighting games.
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#8Sailor GoonPosted 3/17/2013 10:37:04 PM
you lost me at "as a Tekken fan" you like garbage fighters
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#9XphoenixedgeXPosted 3/17/2013 10:45:55 PM
Sailor Goon posted...
you lost me at "as a Tekken fan" you like garbage fighters


Explain to us all how Tekken is a "garbage fighter".
#10AzurexNightmarePosted 3/17/2013 10:47:58 PM
Sailor Goon posted...
you lost me at "as a Tekken fan" you like garbage fighters

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