Epic Mickey 2 is coming to Vita...

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User Info: MrBanballow

4 years ago#1

... okay, moving on.
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User Info: Natureboy99

4 years ago#2
I didnt like the ps3 demo. Does it get good later?
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User Info: Rotuhiiri

4 years ago#3
Vita saved confirmed?

Also, that tweet is legit if anyone is wondering. Just don't know why "Disney Movies UK" would make that announcement. Sounds a little fishy.
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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#4
wow.... this is late

I will keep my eyes on reviews. The first game for Wii looked interesting
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User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#5
i dont know why but i feel more inclined to buy this on a portable.. they need to fix those framerates though
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User Info: F150II

4 years ago#6
No no no no no. I played it on 360, TERRIBLE game. The first one was interesting, this one's just f****** boring. There's a reason Junction Point got shut down after this game.

User Info: bakasmurf

4 years ago#7
I fear for this. The game has terrible framerates in consoles, even for newer one.
From what i hear its not a good game either.

User Info: alexg1989

4 years ago#8

nice, I guess. I haven't played any of the other Epic Mickey games but have been curious.

How are they?
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User Info: skyrimer3d

4 years ago#9
Great news, the first one was really good, the second one not much so, but it's not that bad. PC version has 3d supported, while I could play this on the go on Vita.... hmm, decisions.

User Info: monkeyspoon

4 years ago#10
Hopefully its better than the rubbish 3ds version.
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