guys when I went to sell my vita, the guy took my stuff and drove off in his car

#1tired_insomniacPosted 3/19/2013 5:04:29 PM
he said lets charge it in my car, I have a car charger, I said ok, so he had all my stuff, than he said, oh gotta turn the car on, than he got into his car put it in reverse and drove away,

I was hanging from the window as he pulled away he rolled his window up and I fell in the mud,

what do I do now gamefaqs?
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#2neviPosted 3/19/2013 5:07:58 PM
I smell an incoming slew of spin-off topics.
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#3Aadrian1234Posted 3/19/2013 5:08:08 PM
Umm, don't give the opportunity for people to steal stuff? I thought this was common sense, but apparently its not "common" anymore
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#4skulper34Posted 3/19/2013 5:10:00 PM
Be happy it was only a Vita, people kill for a 3DS.
#5Nightmare637Posted 3/19/2013 5:10:26 PM

Don't bother arguing with Sophi he'll never admit hes wrong even when he is :D.
#6OtakuGameraPosted 3/19/2013 5:11:20 PM
file a mom report
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#7seriously_lolPosted 3/19/2013 5:12:56 PM
I hope making a thread in Gamefaqs wasn't the first thing you thought of when you got jacked.
#8ServantOfErieosPosted 3/19/2013 5:13:54 PM
OtakuGamera posted...
file a mom report

Lord Erieos is coming...
#9JP_SartrePosted 3/19/2013 5:29:49 PM
I guess you should have got his license plate # and called the cops?

No. That makes too much sense.
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#10Lord_VishanaPosted 3/19/2013 5:36:57 PM
Viciously make out wi*gets shot*
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