Persona 4 Golden on two week sale

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dolorsitamet posted...
is P2 innocent sin good?

i am actually new to the seres myself but ppl are saying that if you dont mind the graphics, go with the 2nd one (theres two, one from PSP and another is a PSone classic).

the 2nd one is supposedly a more traditional jrpg. so if you are someone who enjoys the story and dont mind graphics, then go play the 2nd,
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krizz07 posted...
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On sale for two weeks and I still can't buy it. I'll have to play the PS2 original for now if I want to play P4.

if you have the cash right now then just buy it first then play later :D

I don't have the cash. I've been blowing it on other sales from the past few weeks.
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