Should I Buy Persona 4 Golden ?

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3 years ago#11
Yes, it's a fantastic game. :-)

Since you don't have any experience with rpg's, I recommend you play it on the easiest difficultly setting. You have unlimited continues and it'll help you acclimate to the game and genre in general.
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3 years ago#12
Check out Persona 4 Golden, if you don't like it than you probably won't like Persona 3 either, since they're very similar.
3 years ago#13
Yes. You don't need to be an RPG fan to enjoy it.
3 years ago#14
its probably your best choice in terms of rpgs right now
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3 years ago#15
I was thinking the same, didnt know if i would like the game. But i bought it last tuesday, and my save file is currently at 32 hours. If my life depended on it, i dont think i could stop playing it.
The only other RPG's i have played all the way through, is pokemon black 1 & 2.
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