DOA5 (+) - PS3 vs Vita lag test

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User Info: gamezero6

4 years ago#11
^^^First I liked and Subbed as posted on your Ps3 vs Nnamz(PsV) YT vid... Awesome btw.

And yeah I figured it wasn't that bad its just that I remember people saying around PsV SFxT launch that the netcode was better on Vita? and around that 2013 patch the Ps3 netcode gotten a little better?

Also I finally got my Ps Vita came yesterday morning and I was finally able to play my blazblue:CSE which was here with since last Monday. Next is SFxTekken.

My PSN ID for Vita is... JinZer069
XBL GamerTag: NamiXJin

User Info: Nnamz

4 years ago#12
The netcode is pretty much the same, but the game as a whole is much better with the 2013 patch. The balance is a lot better and certain characters cannot cheap out wins anymore. Many characters have new combos too.

And congratz on the Vita!
PS3/Vita ID: Nnamz <-- Please message before add. Otherwise will not accept.
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