Sony patents method for adding trophies to PS1 games without altering originals

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I wonder if they will be retro-active trophies, because I got about 40 hours on each of my PS1 classics that I don't want to be starting over with.

The patent seems to be referring to certain triggers in the games and I doubt these are tied to the save file.

They could read through the save file and maybe certain hex in the file would denote that that trigger has been made. But, you're probably right I doubt it will be retroactive.
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Trophies really make you feel like you're accomplishing something when finishing a game.

I disagree 100%. They add absolutely nothing for me. They could disappear tomorrow, and I wouldn't give two squirts.
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Trophies are fun to collect until you hit level 12. After that, it takes so long to level up that it's not even worth paying attention to.

Kind of a shame, because I like the idea of your account leveling up, but the Exp curves are so nonsensical that you have to wonder why implemented such a system in the first place.